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Finding the perfect vacation rental in Charleston, SC has never been easier. Discover all of the historic charm and natural beauty that South Carolina's beaches have to offer.

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The very best that Charleston has to offer

Our vacation rentals provide you with the opportunities you need to enjoy everything that historic Charleston area has to offer. Whether its location, amenities, activities or comfort that you're looking for, you'll find it with us — Find your perfect property!

Straightforward and hassle-free

We take your experiences very seriously, and do everything in our power to make your rental experience simple and enjoyable. Travel can be stressful enough as it is — renting the perfect vacation home shouldn't be.

Properties that you can trust

MyOceanRental connects prospective renters with the best privately owned rental properties in the Charleston area. Every single property is professionally maintained and cleaned.

Please, feel welcome to contact us by phone at (843) 412-8165 or via email at

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Property Owners — save time and money

Listing on MyOceanRental can save you thousands in traditional management company costs, while giving you control over your property and its future. Find out more »

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